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Re: [linux-tr] Compiling w/o recompiling thekernel.*newbie*-Reply -Reply -Reply


The driver should automatically detect 100 mbps (you can not not [sic] detect it if fdx is turned on, which it is.)

As for loopback, are you sure.  Loopback testing can be turned on from the driver for diags if necessary.  Without this you need a hub/mau to plug into to provide such nice things as phantom voltages etc. (This is 110% true for 100 mbps and/or fdx because these are switched with no tokens and the hub does the work, provides the speed etc.)

Forcing 100 mbps: As stated above can't be done, unless I put the loopback option into the driver code.  100 mbps is either detected or it isn't and the card does its thing.  The driver doesn't care what speed you operate at (except for max mtu sizes).

I don't see the need to put the loopback test in the code.  The testing of the card can just as easily be done with lanaid. If you want to play with setting up ip, interfaces etc, grab yourself an old 8228 hub.