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[linux-tr] IBM Auto 16/4 in 760

Mike & Ian,
    I tried compiling the 2.2.7 kernel with CONFIG_TR=m (although make menuconfig doesn't allow you to do this.) I still get the unexpected interrupt problem so it still doesn't work. The reason I tried this is due to the the #ifdefs in the ibmtr.c file so I thought I would give it a try. Anyway, it seems to work so maybe the make file should be fixed to allow this. Now when I insert the card and do a lsmod I get the following
    Module            Used by
    ibmtr_cs           0 (unused)
    ds                    2 (ibmtr_cs)
    i82365              2
    pcmcia_core    0 (ibmtr_cs ds i82365)
And the ibmtr_cs goes away when I take out the card. So it seems the card driver is being loaded. Is there a command I can use to see what memory values the ibmtr_cs is trying to use.