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Re: [linux-tr] PCMCIA ifconfig bug -Reply


Mike said> With your other errors (ie ASB not free) does the card work
properly for a while and then die.  Is is reproducible based on number of
packets sent / received.  Does it happen if you change the sram size.

I tried the problem with sramsize set to 8 and sramsize set to 16

With 8

    ifconfig reports

    RX packets:  550  to about 800
    TX packets:  around 400

With 16

    ifconfig reports

    RX packets: 550ish to 4500ish
    TX packets: 65 ish to 1600ish

Both of these were after a couple of runs. So it looks like a buffering
problem in the code.

While the interface was working I was able to use netscape and x-terms.. but
everything stopped one I got the ASB error 40 in cmd 0D

At this point I could do a ifconfig tr0 down, eject the card and put it back
in and everything would work again.

Hope that helps