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[linux-tr] Unknown Command Encountered

This message usually indicates a hardware conflict.  It looks like
something stomped on the SRB, as 0xbe is not a valid command to the
adapter - certainly not one that the driver makes. 

I missed your first message.  Could you enlighten me somewhet as to
what is occuring? 

Wes Will writes:
 > Not the most talkative list on the net.....
 > I guess that there is no archive for this list, since I haven't received so
 > much as a "Go to Hades.  Go straight to Hades.  Do not pass "GO".  Do not
 > collect $200." in response to that part of my recent query (late last week).
 > I had hoped, though, to hear from _someone_ in regards this error.  Has the
 > "Unknown Command BE encountered.  Unknown Command 01 in arb." error never
 > before appeared in the annals of history?  Is this uncharted territory?
 > Have I already gone where no Geek has gone before?
 > Enquiring minds want to know.....need to know, in fact.  We've stopped
 > having any fun at all over here, and could seriously use a bit of help.
 > Wes Will, PPG*
 > (*"Paid Professional Geek")
 > "We've  heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could
 >  produce the 'Complete Works of Shakespeare'.  Now, thanks to the
 >  Internet, we  know this is not true."
 > 	-Robert Wilensky, University of  California