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Re: [linux-tr] Unknown Command Encountered

At 01:03 AM 7/13/99 +0200, you wrote:
>This message usually indicates a hardware conflict.  It looks like
>something stomped on the SRB, as 0xbe is not a valid command to the
>adapter - certainly not one that the driver makes. 
>I missed your first message.  Could you enlighten me somewhet as to
>what is occuring? 

OK, to rehash:

New supermicro motherboard with most of the bells and whistles.  It's going
to be an Oracle server, mostly, when we're done.  Had a heck of a time
getting kernel to make (sig 11, all sorts of foolishness, BIOS upgrade took
care of most of it, so far).  Nothing in the box other than the aic7xxx
scsi (on the motherboard), a Riva TNT agp video card, and a token ring card
(3Com 3C619C) set up in IBM mode.

Card gets found, initialized, and then

tr0: unknown command BE encounterd
tr0: unknown command 01 in arb

and it hangs right there.

Booted to M$-DOS, 3trdiags runs, this thing tests out 100% every time.  No
conflicts, no hassles, the tests all just run "Passed".  Any settings,
primary or alternate address, several memory addresses, 2 interrupts.  I've
tried about every combination I can think of, and am about to the
mind-losing stage.  Tried identical cards, same error; tried this card in
other machines under LINUX and M$ operating systems, flies first time out.

Hardware conflict?  With what, I wonder?  There isn't much left in the box.
 I yanked everything out right off the bat.....AGP card, maybe? (Now
where's that old ISA 256K video card I had lying around?)

Wes Will, PPG*

(*"Paid Professional Geek")

"We've  heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could
 produce the 'Complete Works of Shakespeare'.  Now, thanks to the
 Internet, we  know this is not true."
	-Robert Wilensky, University of  California