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[linux-tr] Mailing List / Web Site Looking for a new home


I've just received this mail from Gary, the guy kind enough to host the mailing list and the web site. So if there is some very kind person out there who wants to donate some space and processor cycles to host the list and site, please take one step forward :).  

(Perhaps the ibmers could put up a machine to host this, they did after all invent the technology ;)


>>> Mail from Gary <<<
i have been busier than a one armed paper hanger - i picked up a side job
building up test networks and systems for new silicon verification and
testing - it quickly grew to 60-70 hours a week and family life keeps it
down to that - what this has done to me is that i can no longer devote any
time to the ISP portion of my life and i am selling it - it is an
interesting choice for me - i can either play with things in the lab that
are a year into the future or remain an ISP - duh . . .

the short of it is that i will no longer be able to offer the web hosting or
the mail-list hosting after the end of this month - there were a couple of
others that volunteered when a host request for each came up and i hope that
it will not be a great ordeal to plea for host services again - i will do
everything i can to help who ever picks it up to make as smooth a transition
as possible

P.S. - if you think that the single processor K7s rock - you should see what
the multi-processor systems are doing ;->

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