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Re: [linux-tr] Mailing List / Web Site Looking for a new home

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Mike Phillips wrote:

> All,
> I've just received this mail from Gary, the guy kind enough to host
> the mailing list and the web site. So if there is some very kind
> person out there who wants to donate some space and processor cycles
> to host the list and site, please take one step forward :).

Sure. Tell me when and how much space etc. you need. I will have Paul set
you up. We have three different net connections now and are expecting a
fourth. Let me know. 
> (Perhaps the ibmers could put up a machine to host this, they did
> after all invent the technology ;)
> Mike
> >>> Mail from Gary <<<
> i have been busier than a one armed paper hanger - i picked up a side job
> building up test networks and systems for new silicon verification and
> testing - it quickly grew to 60-70 hours a week and family life keeps it
> down to that - what this has done to me is that i can no longer devote any
> time to the ISP portion of my life and i am selling it - it is an
> interesting choice for me - i can either play with things in the lab that
> are a year into the future or remain an ISP - duh . . .
> the short of it is that i will no longer be able to offer the web hosting or
> the mail-list hosting after the end of this month - there were a couple of
> others that volunteered when a host request for each came up and i hope that
> it will not be a great ordeal to plea for host services again - i will do
> everything i can to help who ever picks it up to make as smooth a transition
> as possible
> P.S. - if you think that the single processor K7s rock - you should see what
> the multi-processor systems are doing ;->
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