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[linux-tr] Linuxtr - New Home

Tom, Matthew, Gary et al.

First off, thanks to Tom and Matthew for their offers of a new home (and to Steve Lancaster).  For general information the web site does not take up a lot of room, I think around 200-300K, and most of that is for the downloads. 

A couple of questions for those involved and the listers in general.
First to the listers:
What address do we want to see for the relocated mailing list, I'm quite happy to use, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net.  If anybody has a problem with this, please let me know, although I own the linuxtr.net domain, I'm not a total control freak, it probably just makes it easier if we have everything using the same domain name.

For Tom and Matthew:
1) Exactly what is your connection to the net and how does the machine connect. i.e. do you have a direct connection or are you hosted on an isp's machine.
2) How much difficulty is involved in you setting up the dns entries for linuxtr.net
3) Do you have direct control over the list-server
4) As the list came first, the list has a separate address, how much work would be involed in say, taking a list of all the current subscribers and automatically setting up a new address, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net
5) A few people have asked to have an archive of the list available from the web site, is this a lot of work or can we set this up fairly easily.
6) How do you want to set up the administration of the site and list, I don't mind administering the list as well as the web site if it makes life easier.
7) Can you do e-mail redirection from the linuxtr.net domain, i.e. currently mikep@linuxtr.net redirects to my e-mail address here.

If anybody has any other questions, let's here them.  I would be much happier with a general concensus of opinion of which route to take, rather than it appearing that I'm taking everything over and making all the decisions :)