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Re: [linux-tr] Re: Linuxtr - New Home -Reply


Okay let's do it then. Matthew, thanks very much for the machine (Mmmm Alpha).
For my access to the machine, I only need ftp access to update the web site.  If we want to do some more stuff with the list archive etc, ssh would be cool too. It would be great to actually get into this stuff and see how it all works. (If I can edit it with vi I'm happy :)

As for the mailing list:
I agree with the hyphen in the name, and with the [linux-tr] at the beginning of the subject line. I have so many rules set up on my e-mail to sort incoming, anything that keeps it simple helps.  I'm not sure about using "linux-tr-list" though, most other lists are simply linux-tr, linux-kernel,  linux-net etc. and keeping the name the same as it is now works for me. 
so: linux-tr@linuxtr.net works for me.

Let's try and work out some time points for the transfer, obviously the dns's will take about 24 hours to resync when we change the site, and I have some small updates to the site although not anything that can't wait.