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Re: [linux-tr] Olympic driver not SMP safe

As Adrian wrote it, I posted a note in an IBM forum where I explained the
following problem:

I install RH6.0 on a netfinity 5500m20 ( 4 PIII) with a PCI TokenRing card.

I upgraded the kernel to  2.2.11 (or 2.2.10 or 2.2.12pre5)  and applied the
DJ Barrow patch (to make it SMP safe?)

I telnet from my thinkpad to the netfinity, export the DISPLAY=thinpad:0
and launch xosview/netscape and wait about 5 minutes ...

The response time (ping) then reaches 4 to 8 seconds.  I have to restart
the adapter to make it okay.

I do not know what is wrong: either the olympic driver or the token ring
layer and I am not able to correct it.  But I am ready to test any patch
and ready to welcome anybody in Montpellier interested in debugging this
problem :-).

Jean-Yves GIRARD   Tel : +33 4 67 34 45 39 / Fax : +33 4 67 34 64 77
PSSC EMEA Netfinity Center
IBM France - Montpellier

Subject:  [linux-tr] Olympic driver not SMP safe

Someone here has posted saying that the PCI driver isn't SMP safe - are
there any plans to make it so?  I'm sure we could find testers if you need



Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@hursley.ibm.com>
Internal: 7-245528  External: 01962-815528
DM2E8, Hursley Park, UK    (Mailpoint 206)