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[linux-tr] Archives and error codes


First, I've been searching (and will continue to search) for an archive of
this list, so I might find if my question has already been posed and
answered.  Thus far, no archive found at aus-etc.com, or anywhere else on
the web.

Tried, failed.  Sorry if this is the current "Most frequently asked stupid
question on this list", and you've all heard it a billion times already.
Point me to the archive, I'll dig.

The question (finally he's gonna ask the question!) at modprobe, after the
card is found (IRQ and address correctly identified) I receive:

tr0: Unknown command BE encountered
tr0: Unknown command 01 in arb

I'm attempting to bring up a new box, dual P-III:450's on a supermicro
motherboard, half a gig of ram and a 45-gig scsi array.  A quick flash BIOS
update from supermicro fixed the sig-11 problem I was having, and now I can
at least make a kernel.  The building here on campus has a token ring, I've
got a 3Com 3c619C version card set up in IBM mode in non-conflicting
address and IRQ space.  This is the same card type I have in the older
linux server that's been running well (other than a butt-load of 20: Token
Ring Status Change messages once in a while, which are mostly harmless

The kernel was built from an old-standby RedHat 5.1 bootable CDROM I had
laying around.  As soon as I can get the thing up and on the network, I've
got the SuSE 6.1 archive on the other linux machine, and I'll give that a
try by ftp.  But until the network networks, I can't update the kernel or
the other parts of the system.  Any help would leave me much obliged, be
appreciated, et cetera.

Clues, anyone?


Wes Will, PPG*

(*"Paid Professional Geek")

"We've  heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could
 produce the 'Complete Works of Shakespeare'.  Now, thanks to the
 Internet, we  know this is not true."
	-Robert Wilensky, University of  California